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All shafts start from the finest Kiln-dried, hand-selected North American Hard Rock maple and turned 11 times for stability. All forearms, handles and sleeves are handcrafted from the finest and most exotic woods from around the world.
These cues are designed and developed by Bob Meucci, and offer a tremendous value. The Meucci line of pool cues play with a softer, more consistent hit, which reduces cue ball deflection. Meucci cues provide a very affordable pool cue, that gives you all the features you need, but none you don’t. 
100% Made in the USA, every Viking Cue is meticulously handcrafted from the finest materials and subject to the strictest quality control standards in the industry. All Viking Cues have a LIFETIME WARRANTY against manufacturing defects and WARPAGE.
Custom and Hybrid Pool Cues with a LIFETIME WARRANTY that covers manufacturer defects and even warpage (as long as there isn't blatant misuse or abuse of course)!
Grade A Plus North American Maple shaft coated with a thin layer of fiberglass or graphite that stays straight despite all adverse conditions, extremely damage resistant against the rigors of all types of play, easy to maintain, and most importantly offers true professional quality and playability at prices just about anyone could afford.
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